Becoming Riffa Jewellers

We've loved every minute of our journey

Who we are

Riffa Jewellers is a family owned and operated business that has been in the goldsmith industry since 1986, originating in the kingdom of Bahrain. We specialise in 21ct and 22ct gold jewellery, as well as Bahraini seed pearls and semi precious stones. 

Our name originates from a little suburb in Bahrain called Riffa, where we opened our first ever store. Mr Chhaganlal Khimji was the owner of Riffa Jewellers and a highly reputed gold smith. He built the company from ground up and is the reason behind its success. He went on to establish another store in the hustle and bustle of the Manama Gold Souq, where the business took off as the best Seed Pearl and Gold Jewellers in town.

The company was then passed on to his son, Mr Girish Chhaganlal who had a vision to carry on his father's legacy by expanding the company overseas. Exhibiting in countries like Jordan, Muscat, Dubai, Mr Girish put his utmost hard work to build a strong clientele in the Middle East. However, he had bigger ideas! 

Journey to Australia

Establishing in Australia was a long time dream for us. Breaking through international boarders and sharing our ideas and designs with the beautiful people of Perth was a great achievement. Tapping a niche market, we showcased our products at various events such as the EveryWomanExpo, Diwali Mela, and other community events.

Our inspiration

Our designs are inspired by the rich Arabian culture of Bahrain, as well as traditional and contemporary Indian and Western designs. We provide our customers with a diverse and unique collection. All of our jewellery is handmade with high quality gold and crafted to perfection by our skilled craftsmen. 

Here's a little insight, the pendant to your left has been threaded with natural seed pearls. This means that each pearl has a hole in it to create a string of pearls with a 21ct gold wire. This is then carefully hand stitched on to the base of the pendant, guaranteeing it will not fall off!

Our vision

Since our launch in Perth we have continued to grow as a business and are constantly introducing unique and elegant designs. Our aim is to serve a range of quality 21ct and 22ct gold jewellery to our clients while providing a premium shopping experience.